NOVA STM R-EVO Slipper Clutch for Yamaha R3

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NOVA STM R-EVO Slipper Clutch for Yamaha R3


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Newest and most technologically advanced slipper clutches from NOVA STM.  The NOVA STM R-EVOLUTION Slipper clutch for Yamaha R3 is fully adjustable for engagement and slip unlike other sytems that only slip.  Full billet and ti machined for maximum performance.


The system “NOVA STM Re-evolution” is virtually frictionless the axial movement of the drum causes a reordering of all the disks, allowing the drum to have more areas of pressure on the part of the ducts discs, in summary less wear on the teeth.

Constant system always raised always equal guaranteed by the mechanical control of automatic opening.   Possibility of intervention at high engine speeds.
pressure uniformity on the disc pack due to the diaphragm spring.
System with excellent sensitivity during calibration almost always obtainable only by acting on the secondary spring